Why Legends Equipment?

If you are in the market for a central vacuum system, you should work with the company devoted to only central vacuum systems. Throughout the US market we see companies that will provide vacuum systems, but it is not their only focus. For years, there has been little to no innovation in the field of central vacuum system. Legends Equipment is focused on providing the best possible vacuum systems with the highest customer satisfaction from our end users.

Legends Equipment is the exclusive partner with Gardner Denver Hoffman & Lamson brands.

Recent Innovations

    • Carbon Fiber tools and accessories are operatory friendly because they are extremely light weight. Allows for wall and overhead cleaning with minimal stress on the operators.
    • Our top in tubing drops offer a system that will not plug and provides reliable vacuum to all the ports of a vacuum system. The design is also installation friendly for the installer as well as plant layout.
    • We offer many components that handle the issues common to only central vacuum systems. Housekeeping of an industrial facility has challenges that you will not encounter with other systems. We offer inline traps to capture oversized debris, drums kits in lieu of airlocks to eliminate airlock jams and valve options to allow operators to leave hoses connected to the system.
    • Our hose racks combined with labels and color codes offer your plant a reliable way to track the pieces of the system and keep them available for quick access.
    • Legends offer many small features that all add up to a reliable and user-friendly system that will be used and appreciated by your facility. Contact us with your specific application.


    • When handling combustible dust, our team knows and follows NFPA standards and guidelines.
    • Explosion venting, isolation and suppression are offered when needed.
    • We offer several filter solutions that do not require confined space entry when changing filters. As well as ladders, platforms, and access doors to make sure equipment maintenance is always safe.
    • All our hose, tools and components are fully grounded. Operators should never be shocked using a vacuum system and we design to ensure that never happens.
    • Our fiberglass overhead cleaning system is fully grounded and meets NFPA and ATEX standards. Using traditional aluminum overhead tools
    • When your facility has area with cross contamination concerns, we can label, and color code hose and tools to ensure the wrong components are not used is the wrong area.


    • Central vacuums are one of the most common systems to be installed improperly. Because the system conditions change as operators connect hoses in various parts of the system at different times, you have to design for all the possible scenarios.
    • Don’t trust a pneumatic conveying expert, a portable vacuum supplier or dust collection company to know how a central vacuum system should work. Many companies dabble in vacuum systems on the side, but Legends only does vacuum system and nothing else.
    • We have over 40 years of experience in our engineering department, working with companies such as Hoffman Air, Lamson, Schenck Process and Invincible Vacuum. That knowledge is being applied, improved upon, and tested to optimize the best possible solution.
    • Legends Equipment test lab is the only test lab devoted to Engineered vacuum systems. We can test your product and mimic field conditions to ensure the solution you purchase is the solution that is best for your facility.